What is Grading?


Grading is a way to review and decide on the physical condition of a banknote, coin. alphaNumis current provide grading service for banknotes only.

The condition of a banknote can be classified from Poor (very worn out) to Uncirculated (perfect condition). There are various grading scales used by many different third party grading companies like PMG or PCGS and banknote societies. Here at alphaNumis, we follow the International Banknote Society's (IBNS) grading scale. 

Why Grade? 

Grading is perhaps one of the most important aspect of collecting process. That is primarily because the value of the banknote is highly dependent on its condition. Before buyer and seller can agree on the price, they will have to agree with the grade FIRST.  


alphaNumis Grading
aN Graded Note 2.jpg