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alphaNumis : Knowledge, Integrity & Service 

NUMISMATICS is defined as the study of coins, banknotes or similar types of items used as a currency exchange, including their technical make up, design, usage and more importantly their history and evolution for more than 4,000 years in the human trade and civilization. 



What We Do


As a certified numismatist :

  1. Grading & Valuation -  a specialist service in which we do a detailed review on the condition of banknote or coin and give an opinion on its state of preservation i.e. how good a condition it is in.

  2. Blog - we enjoying sharing what we know, our blog is called alphanumis.blogspot.my

  3. Numismatic Library & Resource Center - we are building our the very FIRST numismatic library and resource center for research

  4. Seminars and Talks - as part of the effort to promote numismatic knowledge and history we have received invitations for presentations at various organizations as such Bank Negara Malaysia (Numismatic Gallery), Museum Volunteers Club (Jabatan Muzium Negara)  as well as Badan Warisan Malaysia  

  5. Numismatic Research Articles - includes published articles on Japanese Invasion Money, Rubber Export Coupons, Short Snorters, World War II related matters to the International Banknote Society Journals (IBNS) and various other publications.

  6. International Memberships :  

International Banknote Society
Life Member : LM-233

American Numisamtic Association (ANA)

Member : 3166956

Numismatic Society